Taiwan has a rich and often times confusing history. Here are a couple of major events listed in chronological order where we hope can diffuse the confusion.

228 Incident

228 also known as the February 28 Incident occurred in 1947 where the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) led government of the Republic of China (ROC) violently suppressed an anti government uprising in Taiwan.    Background: What was causing the tension leading up to 228? From 1895 to 1945 Taiwan was ruled by Japan. Japan developed … Continue reading 228 Incident

One China Policy

The One-China Policy refers to the policy or view that there is only one state called “China” despite the existence of two governments that claim to be “China”. This means any countries that have or want diplomatic relations with China must break off official relations with Taiwan, or vice versa The US acknowledges China’s point … Continue reading One China Policy