Our Projects


Outreach for Taiwan creates projects which allow members to meet other chapters and to effectively outreach what our mission is about. The following are our project ideas:

OFT Education Workshop Program – The OFT Education Workshop Program will ideally be the hook for interested individuals to join Outreach for Taiwan. These workshops, hosted by but not limited to local chapters, will be held at major universities and cities. These workshops will focus on equipping attendees with the basic knowledge about Taiwan’s situation and the tools on how to outreach for Taiwan.

United Nations for Taiwan (UN4TW) – The United Nations for Taiwan movement has been occurring for a number of years so far in New York City.  Working closely with Dr. Lai of Taiwan Center as our sponsor and advisor, this project enables young members to apply the skills and knowledge that OFT has taught them, and gives them an opportunity to be heard, while also helping Taiwan hopefully gain membership into the United Nation. The stronger OFT is, the bigger impact that UN4TW will have. For 2014, we plan on having a Taiwan-Weekend, leading up to and gaining momentum for the UN4TW rally.

Annual OFT Conference  – This conference will be held in different locations, in hopes of keeping things fresh and encouraging local chapters to meet up. Because each city is different in their own special ways, having the conferences held somewhere different each year is a way for Outreach For Taiwan to teach members how to effectively advocate in various ways depending on demographics using a hands-on approach. The conference will primarily focus on education and outreach. Prominent speakers, not limited to those specializing in US-Taiwan relations or Taiwanese American issues, will be invited to help us inspire attendees. Conferences will be held from a Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Friday will be focused on having all attendees become familiar with each other. Saturday will focus primarily on workshops. Sunday morning will be when the attendees will gain hands-on experience on advocating. The last event of the conference will be a send-off brunch.

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